Hydration Veil Serum Water


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Gently restore moisture without oils. Hydration veil serum water gently restores moisture without oils or lipids because sometimes our skin just can’t. Like all our formulations hydration veil is a filler-free, pure clean active formula without add-ons. It’s highly effective and gentle respecting sensitivity, acne, and oily skin delivering exceptional hydration, leaving skin soft, supple, and glowing. Hydration veil uses balanced pure humectants to hydrate the skin, which delivers exceptional results, allowing the skin to breathe and are always an anchor in almost every skincare formulation today. With this formula, we’ve gone ahead and given you just the actives themselves, for when you want complete control and pure non-occlusive breathable hydration that is fully absorbed by the skin. Our Serum Waters are active only waters formulated and focused on highly effective underrated powerful actives that are The Key to healthy skin. For INCI’s and further product details visit tahnyc.com

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