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My top three picks for the first box! Valrhona pearls are insane, Merquen` spice is a sultry, seductive heat & the Brazilian King Bolete mushroom powder will elevate your dishes to culinary heaven!
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Ooo La La

Quality is at heart of everything we do.
Ooo La La is the # 1 caterer for Martin Counties elite; we are as selective about our clients as the food we serve. Ooo La La is owned by Lorna Day, who began cooking in Stuart over 30 years ago with her first venture, The Metro Blues Café and shot to celebrity status by authoring The Fook Book, Untraditional recipes for sexy people shot to celebrity status by authoring The Fook Book, untraditional recipes for sexy people & through her radio show, Ooo La La Life on Coast 101.3 FM.
Ooo La La is the Lamborghini of catering on the Treasure Coast with good reason; we offer innovation, individualized menus, mouthwatering, time tested dishes served by a well versed staff, led by a creative foodie, fueled by integrity and discretion. So if you are eating our food, your host is in the “know”.

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The fook book into!

As a saucy cocktail waitress on a quest for world domination, Lorna never dread she’d land in  the kitchen, but that is just what happened when she opened her first restaurant, The Metro Blues Café.  Hating to cook herself , Lorna trusted her instincts and started revamping recipes to create easy versions, unknowingly she had started to Fook.

Now a successful business owner, caterer, columnist, food critic and author, she’s been crowned the Fooking Queen of innovative eating.  Her dirty little secret?  She’s never been professionally trained, which means she’s not required to play by the same old boring rules.   Lorna’s delicious, simple recipes prove that with some culinary balls and a cocktail in your hand, cooking can be fun, fearless, fast and fabulous.  

“I feel people have turned to convenience foods because they think cooking  at home is anything but convenient,” says Lorna, “but Fooking is the five star version of wham, bam, thank you Ma’am!”

The Fook Book Cookbook

Start Fooking (fun+cooking = Fooking) today and join Lorna on her mission to revolutionize eating at home, with her style of wham bam thank you maa’m cuisine.

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My recipe


My recipe

This is a test recipe.

  • Author: lorna
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 10
  • Total Time: 20
  • Yield: 5 1x


  1. Ingredient 1
  2. Ingredient 2
  3. Ingredient 3


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